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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday (49)"

Updated: Sep 9

#TIED_UP_TUESDAY time! More fantastic artwork from some fantastic artists and some are funded by some wonderful Comm'ers! At any rate, let's not waste any more time! This week is not going to have themes other than the usual hot damsel in total distress! I take it none of y'all are complaining, right? Good! Let's get to it!

I swear, Kusujinn and particular preference in terms of #DiD! It's something! The Japanese gal with long black hair definitely resonates with me as well! Got ourselves a Shrine Maiden this time around and she's definitely, definitely my style! I'd keep her for a bit too if I was him.

Well, gals keeping their arms raised and 'exposed' definitely is one of my favorite part of DiDs! Kidnapinc also does a lot of renders and explores a Damsel's position in so many angles and so many ways--concentrating plenty on tickling and overall humiliation for the #DiD. Also, his last big project really had an awesome 'twist' that I would like to see more outside fiction. Excited to see how this series will turn out!

There is something awesome about this commission. I do like the reference next to the final product--it's something I enjoy along with sketches. It's also helping that the gal looks quite good. The one-for-one real to drawn is also quite nice. Guess the bartender ain't getting the best tips tonight, right? Well, least she'll be let go when the night is over.... OR, maybe not. Looks like she's gonna be sleeping soundly tonight, I feel. Great art and fantastic commission!

Ah! The Trophy Case theme! Definitely not Oldmanjaay's original idea, though they are really making use of it. I mean, Aerith does make for a good trophy doesn't she? The humiliation of having a mannequin wear her clothes too! Yeah. Perfect.

I will always prefer Claire Redfield as the top RE gal. Also, I love her remake model along with the 'classic' outfit within modernized eyes. And yes. She's a perfect trophy.

Frelncer has some amazing work that truly pokes at Deviants' ideas and/or, perhaps inspired by their REAL personal traits. Who knows, but these lovely damsels are deviants within the DiD community and definitely enjoy them being here for our community to enjoy.

Gotham Knights wasn't received quite as well as we would've hoped. But without getting into the logistics, at least we can say that the game was good for something. I mean, this Barbara Gordon does look amazing and her assets are being taken advantage of. She doesn't mind one bit, I tell ya.

Another week, another string of DiDs! Let's see what next week brings, eh? Until then, do check out the Deviants' galleries that are featured here, please!

Until Next Time!

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