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Art Share: "Tied Up Tuesday" / Chair Tied II

That time of the week again, folks! We are going to go with another theme this week. Like last week, we are going to go with some chair time #TuT BUT, we are going to give it a bit more comfy by adding some variants. Without further adieu, let's get into it, shall we?

Going with the same theme as My #Commission from above and it's gals who are tied together and forced to sit down. Ya know, other than Sombra, I really adore Tracer so give her some time since eventually, she's gonna get more moments from me.

I always like the take of the Senshis growing up and getting regular jobs. Then somehwere along the way, they get overpowered and left tied up and gagged. With that said, this pic here not only by the merits of the characters involved but also the fact that it's dual chair bondage and Minako's chair bondage--oh, and Rei is one of my favorite Senshis so there's that, right?

Another #DiD chair time with the hands on the arm rest. Not as secure looking nor is it as pleasing to me, but it does serve its purpose for sure. Well, this gal managed to get her feet free so there's that.

Ah! Another dual chair-DiD time! Another one with hands on the armrest... and mystical chains while toe-tied? Yeah, this one is pretty unique on its own. And also, hi, bound and gagged Y'shtola! Always nice to have her around.

Oh, this is a good one! Now, I've never watched Wednesday, but the fanart, the DiD-art, and all the cosplaying, I can't hate it. That and the actress did her thing. Regardless, the highlight of this picture is that it's dual-tie and an annoying damsel left without a gag. A distressing and unique situation all on its own!

The armrest chair tie once again makes an appearance and I'm all for it. Once again by the legendary LostOneZero, this piece is a cosplay turned Ada fanart. Can always appreciate Loz's art! Also, Ada is a good damsel The Cosplayer, Natsuki, really DiD an amazing job on her part as well.

So to next week then! More themes, perhaps?

Until Next Time!

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