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Art Share: Tifa (Jack O'Lantern Challenge)

Well, time to share some lovely work from the awesome renderer, TheRopeDude! And once again, he dares not ignore Tifa Lockhart, whose popularity just ascended to new levels thanks to the FFVII Remake! Well, let's go check this out then, shall we?

Quite flexible, ain't she? Though she's not a fan of a forced stretching moment, eh?

A little motivation to get those hips up definitely is in order. She's going to both enjoy and despise this strategy for sure!

And, of course, with how strenuous the work out was, Tifa needed something to chew on to keep her from screaming too loud. Fortunately, TheRopeDude is into... using ropes as much as possible, for just about everything that could help a damsel feel like a damsel. Rope cleave gag is beautiful, mind you.

Speaking of, did I mention that Rope-D loves using ropes for just about everything in bondage? Well, to heighten the feeling of the stretch, adding some blindfold can definitely help Tifa so... there ya go! Rope blindfold!

There is another version to this set which I will not post but one can find it here on RD's page. Along with other variants. Do check out his page! In the mean time, Tifa will continue to keep her flexibility up to par with this little #JackOLantern challenge!

Until Next Time!

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