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Art Share: VR Troopers Xmas Special

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Did anyone ever watch that Christmas Special with VR Troopers? No? Well it's pretty classic but it never was released in the public! But now we got a still image never before seen! Yep, Ryan and J.B. went off to battle Grimlord while Kaitlin was over powered by Skugs. Lightning Fist and Laser Lance later, the day is saved and the Troopers can go on with Christmas.

Problem was that Kaitlin said she'd be out of town and might be late for Christmas because of the story that Woody sent her off to (I know, right? During the Holidays). So now Ryan and J.B. just think Kaitlin is off somewhere for a Front Page story but little do they know that Santa was a Skug and Icebot wanted her for Christmas.

Don't let Saban know I got a hold of the script.

Anyways, much thanks to SaltyTrog for the gift! I really do appreciate the guy for gifting me this! It's freaking awesome! Found another Deviant who is into Ms. Star as much as me! And his go-to-artist, PGRatedSlasher #DiD magic! Awesome stuff! Thank you!

Until next Time!

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