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Bandai: Effect Thunder Yellow (Review)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

I finally caved in and decided it was time to have one of these Bandai Effects. There are a myriad of reasons, but I thought it might give some of my other figures and reviews some depth if I have them. So how does it do? Let's check them out!

Not much to really say about the box. It's pretty simple and I like it that way. The back shows some ideas for some dynamic shots. They also show it in contrast with the Effect Thunder Blue. It's a pretty big box to, so be prepared for that. Also, mine came damaged from the process of shipping and handling.

Separated, here's what they look like. There are three 'lightning wave' that can clip on to the hands of certain figures, there is one 'stand' that can act like a special effect the ground, a long piece that connects to said stand, and then one short line that can extend the whole thing taller.

On their own, the paint details are pretty cool. They really give the electricity feel just by the translucent color scheme of the plastic.

The way they are sculpted is pretty sharp, literally and looks wise. But as much as I can talk about how it looks, let's go ahead and showcase it the way it is supposed to be shown!

The most obvious way to display these effects is connecting a piece to a figure's hand. It's also possible to make a lightning wave look 'stronger' by connect two as one as shown in the picture above. And connecting it to a Marvel Legend like Spider-Woman over here is no problem.

To make that lightning spell look even more extravagant, the standing piece can be placed behind like a backdrop, adding a super powered attack (or Thundaga for those who speak Final Fantasy).

Those same connecting pieces used to create a sense of projectile coming from a figure's hand can also be used to add more effects, giving something like a statue more dynamic despite its fixed posture.

Now here's an obvious use of it! Any God of Thunder or someone close to him can make it look cool with a swing of a worthy hammer. The base by itself can definitely create that illusion of thunder mayhem. Connect one or two of the 'lightning wave' on said base and it can definitely look convincing.

That same stand can also create a scene where a lightning bolt was struck from above and nearly shocked its victim to death.

In conclusion, there are plenty more things that people can do with this. It's within the imagination, the patience, and really the figures someone has. I like the fact that Bandai made these and for those who are into ArticulatedComicBookArt can really make a ton of things with this! Bandai also makes a bunch of other effects and at this given moment, I'm not sure if I am willing to go that far. Truthfully, I wanted this Bandai Effect Yellow Lightning for my Marvel Legends Spider-Woman (as you can see), but it really does breath life to my other figures! At any rate, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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