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Bandai: Yuri Amagake (Battle Game in 5 Seconds)

Another statue with a character I know nothing about prior to me getting this statue! Yep, that's how I roll this year apparently.

Again, zero idea what this property is about other than it has a "Mortal Kombat" feel to it. That and the chains.

Yuri Amagake is a character with a design that resonates with me. What can I say? I love schoolgirls look, right? For obvious reasons. Other than that, as far as the character goes, I know nothing about her and the series she's from. I saw this statue and immediately fell in love with her looks. It's simple but definitely has some minor qualities that makes her stand out. She also strikes me as a tsundere of some sort and from what little I have seen through my research, she does have those moments. Regardless, she's a good looking character. Also, those wrist cuffs.....

Got that strong pose, doesn't she?

As far as the statue is concerned, it's not one of the high qualities one like what #Bishoujo offers but Bandai does put in some good effort to make Yuri a good statue for the price. The pose itself seems to be something that is part of Yuri's promotional artwork going around--not sure if it has something to do with her powers or what not but as simple as it is, Bandai really added some dynamic flow to it, mostly noticeable with her jacket with it all 'riding' with the (seemingly) abrupt movement of Yuri. The fist extended, again, not sure if it's some kind of gesture or action that is related to her powers or a fist bump but it's not too bad. The way she's standing also has a slight appeal to it with the skirt giving enough but not too much to lend to other thoughts. All in all, it's a pretty decent pose that does the trick to replicate a common picture of her.

wrinkles in her v-neck is indeed a nice touch!

The hair at certain areas does leave a bit to be desired but that's not going to break the deal. The overall sculpt is quite nice. The base is a little plain but going any farther than the mundane black stand would probably up the price.

The paint job is actually pretty clean and nothing sloppy that I could find. The color choices are rather nice and it definitely represents the anime character in this plastic form rather accurately. The one common thing about the lower tier statues such as these is that they will lack a lot of the shading that statues that #Kotobukiya makes and that's perfectly okay as long as the price point nails it. Though those legs could really use some flesh tones, but hey, it's anime and Yuri's legs are still presented as well as they can be so complaints aren't going to shoot up sky high.

The statue's face is pretty and resembles Yuri quite well in her anime counterpart. Those eyes are something else and they got it just fine here in plastic form. The expression may be dull at first glance, but it's rathe ominous--as if she's ready to give a beat down. Also, I just want to mention that I like the sculpting of her tie here; giving off some movement like the jacket.

And here is a quick look of her.... skirt and how it flows with the jacket. Yes.

At certain angles, it's a pretty imposing posture despite it being very simple. At first, I thought there were chains with the statue because of the way the box is designed but that's just me thinking other things and being a complete moron so, this is what we have and I'm not at all complaining.

As a trend I am getting these days: finding obscure (or at least, unknown characters to me), get their statues strictly based on their design, and then room for them in my very small and lacking game room. Yep, sounds about right! So with this particular piece, I'd say Bandai did Yuri justice. Simple pose but still dynamic, nice sculpting, accurate depiction, and a crisp and clean paint job. Recipes that results to a very good piece and I'm happy I came across this one!

Until Next Time!

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