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Updated: Sep 17, 2023

#Banpresto makes an appearance on my blog once again!

Your usual box for a Banpresto. This one has a bit more flare though and I do like the effort to making the figurine look more regal with extra backgrounds with the promo pictures. Also, manipulating the picture so the 'stand' this figurine come with isn't easily shown. The color is also pretty vibrant--fits the character's color palette.

Here' another gorgeous promo shot of this Idol Master! And I'm going to talk about that stand--it's a Banpresto figurine. I can't NOT talk about it, right?

Some assembly is required, of course!

So let's talk about the character, shall we? If I was to be honest, I know zero about the character. Fumika Saginawa is a hottie and I just gave in to my urges. Pretty gal, sexy pose, and a good looking statue. Yep, I'm a major sucker. IDOLM@STER is barely in my radar but what I do know is that they are loaded with waifus. Fumika is one of those said waifus. The material is easy to cash on some sexy merch, fan art, and everything else that goes along with that.

As far as a figurine, Fumika has a lot oof positive things to add on the table. For one, as I mentioned before, a sitting pose is hardly common in my gallery. Most of the time they are standing strong and/or in a dynamic pose. So right away, this pose makes her a bit more unique. It is, by all rights, a bit seductive and sexy--and it's pretty obvious that I don't mind one bit. The sculpt done on Fumika's pose is done quite well--stylized and obviously objectifying. It's quite effective and does look quite compelling, one leg up, hands one her knee and head leaning on said knee. Head tilting and suggesting a few things.

And while pose and all are all well done, can't ignore the clothing details. Plenty of details with her sleep wear (?), the ruffles that are layered over her skirt, the lace wrapped around her legs, and all the small little things that brings intricacy to her. Posed in a rather suggesting manner and dressed like that.... yes. Fumika is meant to seduce and suggest.

Though the one weak area is the hair. While it's fine from far away and through certain angles it works, but up close it looks flat and dull compared to the rest.

As far as colors go, it's not too bad. It does the job and while it may not have the best shadowing and/or intricate details with the paint job, it does execute what certain areas are supposed to be. The skin tone is nice and it meshes well with the soft purple dress. The clear plastic for the one layer of her skirt adds a bit of a celestial flare and everything else just works to complement. No shadowing or details as I said but it does the job.

Oh, Banpresto. Definitely a better effort on then stand but still dull.

The face is beautiful but there is the glaring dull hair that really makes Fumika's head look off in general. Though that anime eyes does make her look amazing.

Beautiful, sexy, but still missing a few details to make the overall look fully deliver, I'd say it has a few misses but still delivers. At the end of the day it is a Banpresto and from what I have learned, this company delivers a more than adequate piece but still makes it affordable for the majority--that mean a few corners are cut. And since Fumika Sagisawa is completely unknown to me, if certain details are missed, it honestly doesn't effect me as much. All I see is a good looking figurine, affordable, and fitting for my collection! I can definitely recommend her!

Until Next Time!

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