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Bishoujo: Dark Supergirl (News)

Another beautiful masterpiece done by #Kotobukiya! Thank you, Toyark for this wonderful news! It's an SDCC 2018 exclusive, mind you so the chances of me having it in my collection is smaller than most Bishoujo statues. But I did manage to get a hand of the metallic Spider-Woman SDCC 2014, didn't I?

Just beautiful. I know, the regular Bishoujo Supergirl Returns is pretty alluring, but this one has a certain flare that really makes me want to get her. BUT, we'll see. I am not going to SDCC 2018 so if I DO decide that I really want her then it'll have to be through other means and with scalper price. But I guess I can't have everything, can I?

Until Next Time!

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