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Bishoujo: MLP Princess (News)

Oh, look! Another news about #Kotobukiya's #Bishoujo MLP line! This time, it's our first look at the prototype of the Princesses' upcoming statues! We saw Luna and Celestia in the 2020 Kotobukiya EXPO through Shun Yamashita's artwork, this time around, we actually have some prototypes!

I continuously state that I am going to end the series with Applejack; as impressive as the MLP line up has been, there comes a point where I need to consider budget and space. However, these gals are a must. It's mentioned in the EXPO that for Princess Luna and Celestia, they are going for more of a fantasy and, dare I say, celestial look to their outfits. Definitely going that way for sure.

And Luna's Pony self is looking good based on the prototype. She's definitely my favorite Princess out of all so if anything else, she's for sure going in my collection. Very excited to see how they are going to see in full colored form!

Until Next Time!

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