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Bishoujo: Princess Luna (News)

I'm getting more and more tempted by the day with this thing! I want to be very conservative with #Bishoujo going forward but, hey, I do love how she is turning out! She ain't cheap, but there is a reason for it and I'm willing to justify it (kind of). Lots of details just from the prototype shots. Let's get into it, shall we?

I mean, just look at it! Look at it! I know the picture is a bit fluffed up but it does look good! Oh, and something a bit odd that they are doing with this is separate the human and the pony. Here, take a gander!

Talk about a LOT of real estate, eh? Source is from the Facebook Group I am part of. Check them out! They got plenty of news and talks of Bishoujo and stuff!

I mean, she looks darn good, right? This is a bit more of an in-hand shot and it's looking really promising. Seriously, I'm having a hard time deciding. I just might though... I just might. But if I get her, I have to get Celestia. Decisions, decisions.

Until Next Time!

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