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Bishoujo: Prospects

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

It's no secret that Kotobukiya is one of my favorite toy lines. They produced some magnificent pieces of art, more specifically, I am enamored by their #Bishoujo collection. I have a few Bishoujos in my collection. I also plan on getting a few more and within 2018, these are the ones that are in my crosshair.

Lady Deadpool is definitely the one that is available at the moment. While I have mentioned before that I am not a die-hard fan of Deadpool, I am still a fan and Lady Deadpool is a welcome addition to my Bishoujo. Maybe they'll do a Gwenpool Bishoujo soon?

Supergirl 2.0 definitely hit my sights the moment she was announced. Just to prepare for her coming, I revisited the older Bishoujo of her just for good measure. She is definitely a must in my collection. She may not be as dynamic and fan service-y as her previous Bishoujo form, she is however, still wearing that inappropriate costume for a flyer. Can't complain! And that detail! Can't wait for her.

Chun Li is a gorgeous female character. I have been in love with her for a long while now, and I might've missed her previous Bishoujo form, I am not going to miss this one. She looks downright sexy! Untraditional costume, but still more than welcome!

Katana is definitely on the list! I watched Shartimus' review on her and what he was pointing out definitely resonated with me! Not sure when she will be arriving, but she is definitely something worthy to be in my Bishoujo line up!

Well, that's it for now. Keep an eye out for the addition of these lovelies!

Until Next Time!

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