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Bishoujo: Stargirl

Well that's different for this year! A #Bishoujo! Wow! And who is this lovely? Stargirl from DC! Who is she? I'm not 100% into the character but I do know a good Bishoujo when I see one. With that said, let's get into the review, shall we?

Courtney Whitmore is her real name. As Stargirl, she's one of those lower card characters that has a few shining moments but for the most part, doesn't really stay in the spotlight for too long. Though with her ongoing (at this moment) TV series, perhaps this cute DC Heroine would stay win the limelight a bit longer, eh? With a pretty down to earth design, midriff long sleeve, shorts, and knee-high laced boots, Courtney's attire is only comic-booked out with the standard heroine mask, a unique belt, and that spear that is obviously a relic of super powers. She's got a nice look--a bit of quirk, sexy, but still not overtly too much. From my understanding, the creator based this character on his daughter. Also, there's a history with that spear and family legacy so I believe Stargirl has some tie-ins with the Golden Age, but don't quote me on it. I didn't look up her stuff too much while doing this review.

As usual, Yamashita's art is given justice with the prototype (and final product).

The stand is ..... well it works. It's also not dull and it has some significance to the character but it take a lot of real estate. It has a bit of a cheesy look to it but given that Stargirl is a star-spangled-banner gal, well, it fits. Not my favorite stand that #Kotobukiya has done.

As I mentioned above, Startgirl has a patriotic theme to her. So her design is very reminiscent of other characters who are going for the Land of the Free aesthetics. While not exactly something I would say is my favorite look in general, it's far from something I would automatically despise or disregard. If done right and the reasons are something that doesn't come across cheap or cringe, I'd say it's all good. Needless to say, I do adore Stargirl's design.

It's been some time since I have gotten my hand on a Bishoujo so it's such a joy to actually sit here and say that the clothing sculpting is something that is just organically beautiful--Bishoujo signature. The wrinkles and the strain on the cloth due to Courtney's 'movement' is so believable, and the laces on her boots reacting to her--all things that I adore Bishoujo for! The stars on her clothes aren't deprived either; all oof them are sculpted rather than just painted on. Little things such as that are something you don't see as often, but hey, it is a higher end statue so one should expect this level of detail. Again, been a while since I have been with a Bishuojo!

Thicc-ness! Sheesh. She's also got killer abs!

Her pose is a bit convoluted and I'd probably pull a few things if I try it. Though I'd imagine she's doing something with her Cosmic Staff (Cosmo). I'm not against such a pose though since it allows for a dynamic showing of what the sculpting can do. That and it's not boring.

All those wrinkles! It's gorgeous!

There's plenty of goodies to talk about with this angle but I'll save Cosmo on a different part of the page. I will point out the hair. Well sculpted and flowing with Courtney's movement. Kind of sad that they've gone away with the transparent tips but I suppose it makes sense since not all their characters need too look 'celestial', right? Or maybe it's more cost effective without it?

The best surprises!

As far as the paint job goes, let's just say this is another area that Bishoujo excels! While there is nothing terribly too extravagant with Stargirl's color scheme (it's the red, white, and blue! Sprinkled with gold thanks to the cosmic stick!), it is easy to make it look dull and thankfully Bishoujo did not do that. There aren't too many color variants with the clothing, it's consistent with the colors but the amount of 'metallic' sheen does a fine job making it look like normal clothing but still give that comic book flare. Her boots are also pretty matted and looks leather, which is complimented by the dark red laces. And while red is part of her scheme, it's not too dominant but the belt being a metallic red, it does a fine job sticking out without being too pushy.

The golden signature staff/spear called "Cosmo", the only thing gold on Courtney, is a nice little juxtapose. It's a solid color but its got details to make it really stand out.

The quirks of this staff isn't that uniquely complicating, but it is got its own quirks for sure. I'm not entirely sure if this is 100% accurate and from what I have seen through the different mediums, there isn't one consistent thing with the ridges and curves--the color and the spear end does have a familiar look but the rest, not so much.

Speaking of spear end....... it's got certain assets that one can spot from a mile away. Yes. Curve and sharp. Dangerous... as it is beautiful.

Then there's the belt. Also, her shorts look like your typical gym shorts, right?

Stargirl's got a pretty face. And unfortunately, through most artworks and appearance, she might be your typical blonde bombshell, but a pretty face nonetheless. Though look at those big blue eyes! And despite they've taken out those glowing Bishoujo tips, they did keep that one strand on top of the head!

Bishoujo has the magic to charm me in getting a statue of a character that I know nothing about and have zero attachment with. Stargirl I know by passing and she's not something I can say I'm an expert though. As a collector, I can spot a good statue and Kotobukiya is consistent with their Bishoujo line. Pose, color, details--all there. I recommend her for casual fans. Recommend her to DC fans. I definitely think as collectors, something people should take a good look at. Glad to have another Bishoujo after some time! Stargirl is a good reintroduction!

Until Next Time!

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