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Bishoujo: Supergirl Returns

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

What a lovely return it is!

Kotobukiya has done it again with their #Bishoujo line! We all know that I am a big fan of these beautiful statues and when Bishoujo Supergirl Returns came to my sight, everyone knew that I have to have her! So here we are now! Let me get right into the review!

#Kotobukiya has kept a consistent boxing for their Bishoujos. With some variations here and there (like Street Fighter based Bishoujos getting black boxing; this Chun Li is an example). Though I notice a slight difference with #Supergirl's box:

If I am not mistaken, that pink emblem that says: "Bishoujo Series" is new, or at least it's the first time I've come across said symbol. Besides that, everything else is still the same. The side box has the promotional art of the statue.

The back of the box for Supergirl contains a side by side artwork and a promotional image of the Bishoujo itself. I'm always impressed with how well the image translates from drawn to tangible statue.

The base, while simple, is actually better than the previous base we have gotten. Sure she doesn't have a flying cat beside her, but it does have the symbol for the House of El.

This statue is AMAZING. Kotobukiya captured the essence of a strong, sexy, and confident Supergirl. The pose, while not super dynamic, is definitely something one would see Kara in. This second Bishoujo statue of Supergirl doesn't do anything different in terms of her costume, and honestly, do they need to? Out of all of Supergirl's costume, this is the one I like the most (for obvious reasons).

While the way Supergirl is posed isn't as dynamic as her previous one, it still holds a lot of dynamic and 'movement'. Kotobukiya has a way to impress with the sculpted work on clothing and hair. I mean, just look at the way her cape is flowing in the wind! With her skirt and hair following suit, it really does give a sense of the wind moving through her despite a neutral stance.

Just look at the wrinkles on Supergirl's cape and the way her hair just flows along with it. It looks all too natural and convincing! This is definitely a showcase of Kotobukiya's ability to give the illusion that a PVC statue's clothing are 'moving'.

The paint applications on Kara is something to admire. Like all Bishoujo statues I have in my collection, the coloring just blows me away. While it all looks simple (there is nothing complicating about Supergirl's costume in the grand scheme of things), there are plenty of small details with shading put into this statue. Between the folds of her cape have shadowing, each wrinkle in her skirt also has that same care for shading, and then of course her skin has the right amount of shading that gives a skin tone color rather than just plastic. The hair may not be as grand or golden blonde as I prefer it to be (depending on the artist, it could be a flat blonde like the Bishoujo, or it could be gold), but Kara's hair has a good amount of detail and dynamics that I don't mind it as much at all! It flows magnificently and in sync with her red cape! It's missing the signature translucent hair tips that Bishoujo usually has and I won't say that I didn't want it there, but I don't completely mind it lacking.

Speaking of something that "flows" and I don't mind one bit! Here's a nice shot of her cape from this angle. LOOK at those wrinkles. Look at... it. And yes, it's also red like the previous Bishoujo statue.

I've been talking about it through this whole review so finally, here is Bishoujo Supergirl Returns next to the first Bishoujo Supergirl that we got some odd few years ago. As I mentioned, Kotobukiya did not make an attempt to use another costume for Supergirl. It's the same one and the consistency in both is remarkable. The only thing different in terms of costume is that Supergirl Returns has heels on her boots while the first one didn't. Other than that, it truly looks like a sequel based statue. Which one is better since it's the same exact costume? I honestly think one can get away having both since the posture is vastly different. The first Supergirl comes with a transparent base and Streaky and the overall vibe seems more playful. Supergirl Returns seems to be a bit more on the 'stern' side and the base is obviously brandishing the famous "S" insignia that we see in all Superman-like characters. I recommend having both even if the original Supergirl is going to be an arm and a leg. Wonder if they will have a DARK Supergirl Returns?

A character that I like from DC. A beautiful face. My favorite costume of hers. Clean paint application. Sharp and clean colors. Nicely posed--sexy but still true to the character. With all those said, I think Bishoujo Supergirl Returns hits the mark. I love this statue and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Supergirl or anyone who collects Bishoujos. It may not replace the original Bishoujo, but it can definitely stand on its own. And stand sexy and mighty Supergirl will in her return as a Bishoujo!

Until Next Time!

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