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Cinematics: Cruella / Raya

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

This is shaping up to be something I'm getting really excited for. It's got that "JRPG" feel that can put a spin to the Disney Princess theme that I, oh so, adore. It's a dying shame that I will most likely not get the "Theatrical" feel since, well, it's still--Covid 19 doing its thing. Oh well! I might just go the Disney+ route just to get a first watch! We'll see, but I am excited for this!

Disney continues its live-action remakes and for the most part, I've been "okay" with them. I don't go out with a pitchfork and cast stones because I did enjoy some of them and I like the idea. Also, I like Emma Stone so I might give this one a go. Also...

What's this? Could it be? Please don't just be a trailer "illusion"!

Until Next Time!

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