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Cinematics: Nier Automata Anime

"You're thinking about how much you want to **** 2B, aren't you?"

Yeah, I'm thinking that for sure a lot of the times. The other four letter word, not the violent kind. At any rate, a Nier Automata anime? Yeah I'm definitely interested! Nier Automata is definitely one of my main favorites! The game still makes me think about the story and how/why the game ends. The fate of the trio and the fact that... where do we go from here? Not to mention, 2B and A2 are hotties. Oh, and 9S is adorable on his own right for sure.

But now, we have an anime? Really now? Yeah.... I'm down with that. I'm just hoping the original english VAs return since from what I know, the animation is well taken care of; the studio is A-1 Pictures; their resume is pretty long and they're not shy from doing amazing action oriented anime and sexy gals. Right up Nier Automata's alley! Needless to say I'm pretty damn excited! Will definitely keep things updated as I get more info!

Commissions of 2B: Xshentong, Akira-Jw

Until Next Time!

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