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Comic Books: Spider-Force/Spidergeddon

I have to admit that I have yet to get into the (more)recent Spidergeddon storyline. I really want to since I found Spiderverse entertaining. What's even more interesting with the continuation is that there is a team called the "Spider-Force"; basically, it's an X-Force version in the Spider-Man lore with characters that leans towards the darker shade of the moral compass.

The main attraction for me is that Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) and Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker) are featured on the same storyline. Spider-B!tch is also there; she's the violent Spider-Woman from Old Man Logan-verse. Then there's two new characters that I hardly have any idea other than the usual shtick with alternate versions of Peter.

The opening scene is also fantastic! It literally starts off with Kaine visiting Jessica's apartment and is met with a horrible scene that can only mean a few things. Luckily, it's not the worse-case scenario. It's literally Jessica's son making a ruckus.... and he apparently gains his mother's wall crawling abilities.

The art is just gorgeous though. One of the things that really go against Spider-Woman's new costume is the choice of most of the artists. They don't make her new costume POP out in the way that it should.... though I'll always prefer her classic, the new one has a lot going for it if allowed to be drawn by a really good artist. Luckily Spider-Force allowed that to happen.

Truly beautiful! I really am tempted to get this on graphic novel, but might have to pass. Though truly tempting.

I'm assuming that the crystal that is pivotal in this comic book is the crystal that the Inheritors' main guy is trapped in. The one Mayday almost (SHOULD HAVE) destroyed.

Pretty sure there won't be any webbed up Jessica Drew in there, but hey, again, art is just amazing. Once I get around to reading Spider-Force/Spidergeddon, might have to put my thoughts into it. Let's just hope it really ties up the whole Spiderverse storyline with the Inheritors. At any rate, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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