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Commission: A New Found Distress

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

"I never thought it in question....."

Here we go! Another #commission and this time around the Cutest #WoL in the First and the Source is back for another round of adventure--or for this case, another round of being distressed. Luckily her rescuer has arrived? Maybe? Well, I'm sure whoever this rescuer is will have a few words that won't exactly give A'rlen respite.

The Ink Phase

Very rarely do I post the inked phase of a commission but I just had to add this one in. It has that noir vibe to it and it's hard to deny that not having the colors does add something else to the entire vibe of the image. Man! Working with LordTabaqui again was pure honor! Would love to work with him again someday! And if you haven't checked out his gallery, do so! It's awesome!

Until Next Time!

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