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Commission: Ahkari, the Ohmes-Raht

It's kind of related to #Frozen_Skyrim but it is not #DiD related! Weird, eh? Well, time to adore this art! KittehMei is responsible for making Ahkari in the "Onyx-verse" look like a fetching Ohmes-Raht rather than her -usual- vanilla form. What form?

Okay so I shouldn't be too harsh since ya know, a Khajiit's look is a Khajiit's look. The thing is, there are other forms of Khajiits that makes them more appealing for someone who isn't into furry (has something to do with Masser and Secunda). I wanted to make Ahkari compatible with Onyx so, there ya go. Speaking of Onyx and Ahkari, that's the #Commission after this one. They're adorable, ain't they? I'm going to take a wild guess that more #Frozen_Skyrim related commissions are on the horizon, but in the mean time, it's always nice to go back and see what I have commissioned in the past.

Until Next Time!

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