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Commission: Akira-jw & Onyx

Another OC #Commission from the past! It's my Dovahkiin Onyx once again! This time, I commissioned akira-jw, an artist whom I definitely have worked with more than once in the past. I usually used her for some SFW (well, as safe as Rikku's Dresspheres would be without #DiD) and I'm always impressed with her style. I haven't used her in a while BUT, I just might again. And yes, I have a thing with getting Onyx commissioned in black and white with his eyes and sword glowing in red.

And because I commissioned her so many times, she offered a free flat colored full body. The picture above is an idea I have of what Onyx might have looked like before he was a Dovahkiin. Before that moment he was captured and was being delivered to Helgen. Yes, I do need to write those moment of Onyx out.

At any rate, here's to hoping I work with Akira again!

Until Next Time!

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