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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Britannia)

Updated: Jul 21

Adding on to the already heavy schedule of Arlen is another page on her crusade! And who you dare ask Arlen has in the ropes?! Well it's an OC of my good friend, DestroXXIV, Britannia! By the name and the design, one should really figure that her theme is and why Arlen is using a panel gag that is 'Murica heavy symbolisms. Also, Des is a hand-gag enthusiast thus why we have that going on!

Now this #commission is done by the newest (as of this time) member of the Discord channel I co-run, ElderRunic! Awesome stuff he has in his gallery! Please check him out! This came comm came with our annual group event where we run polls on certain #DiDs and we vote or #DA votes. The theme was OCs. Clearly Destro's OC won (there's also a second place winner--more one that later). Suffice it to say, I'm really proud with the turn around and quite happy with the result! Arlen's Crusade definitely carries on! Check out the Deviants listed on this post and do come back for more sizzling comms!

Until Next Time!

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