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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Chun Li)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

On Arlen's side of things, her crusade takes her to China--and here she manages to subdue the "Strongest Woman in the World." The Street Fight, of course, wasn't fair to Chun Li's side but that's okay because we get to have this moment! Arlen had to do things so she doesn't have a battered and bruised Interpol Agent as the 'continue' screen comes on. And the taunting! Perfect reminiscent of the old SF II days! Definitely what this #commission was trying to go for!

JustSomeGuy is the wonderful artist responsible for this and this is actually a 'combined' group effort over on the Discord Group FourPieces and I run together. And everyone's input definitely helped pave this but JSG REALLY nailed it! A wonderful artist to work who was fun, communicative, and definitely someone who I will work with again (that's a guarantee). Well, that's about it. Just make sure someone put a coin and press continue... or don't.

Until Next Time!

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