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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Elisa Maza & Paula Peril)

Here we go! Another addition to Arlen's Crusade! This time around, we get a two-for-one. Who are the lovely ladies in Arlen's possession? Well, a snooping cop and a snooping reporter, of course! Elisa Maza from Gargoyles and Paula Perillio from... Paula Peril comics. Arlen fixed the issue with Elisa and made her the damsel that she is supposed to be--none of this 'tough-girl-I-can-take-care-of-myself' and with Paula, well, she just made the obvious happen again. SantanaWind was the amazing artist behind this! A newcomer in my gallery but definitely someone I've been wanting to work with for a while now! Thank you for your hard work on this one! And this crusade continues to go strong!

Until Next Time!

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