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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Lathiira)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Well, we all know what this means! Arlen Sirushi is at it again with her little crusade! So who do we have this time around? Well, clearly it's not Deedlit! This time around, Arlen snagged Lathiira's sexy bard who just happens to be an Elf herself! You can't really blame Arlen for mistaking the two! Both hott, both damsels, and both fit the bill.

It's even harder to recognize her when she's blindfolded! (Much thanks to Ropelover-Art for this additional variant! Very appreciated!) Yeah, Lathiira ain't too happy! Even more infuriating is that it's a mistaken identity scenario!

I always like artists' different take on my Arlen. She's getting lots of love within the 3D rendering realm to and I don't plan to stop getting her out there!

And Lathiira is a welcome addition to my gallery. She's a lovely character that is given care and thought and doesn't shy away from being a #DiD OC! Those are the kinds I like and those are the ones that Arlen will definitely be going after (amongst other gals)! Lovely #commission indeed!

Well, here's to more adventure with Arlen and her crusade!

Until Next Time!

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