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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Rebecca Bluegarden)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Ribbon Cleave-Gag is my favorite for sure!

Arlen's crusade is going strong and this time around the crusade takes the Omniverse-travelling-Tsundere to .... Rebecca Bluegarden! A favorite of MasterofNone (a fellow DiD lover and friend of mine), this art piece was once again a semi-collaboration #commission through voting on mine and Fours' Discord page. Though this was not all of my hard earned cash! In fact, MoN went 60% on this and it was very much appreciated!

Akita95 is the wonderful artist behind this! And there are quite a few variants! And that's nothing short of a good thing, mind you!

Cute pink tape gag!

Blindfold variants are a fun piece, no doubt, but seeing a #DiD's eyes is always a must for the most part. Still, no matter what--Arlen will have her fun!

While Rebecca is MoN's gal (akin to "put-a-Vixen's-name-here" relation to me), I definitely had fun with this commission. A lot of credit goes to MoN for helping out with the commission and to KoU32 who had a hand in it as well. Then my fellow Discord pals for being as perverted as I! Last but not least, ff course, Akita, being a new artist in the land of Masterless' gallery, definitely put some hard and appreciated work on this! Arlen's Crusade definitely grows even more!

Until Next Time!

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