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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Sailor Mars)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Here we go! Another #commission adding to Arlen's Crusade! This time around, we get to witness our Omniverse-travelling tsundere kidnap a Senshi! And what do you know? Who does Arlen pick first? The fiery hot-tsundere who happens to share a lot of assets as Arlen... Sailor Mars (aka Rei Hino).

The fantastic artist? None other than Sleepy-Comics himself! If anyone not familiar with his work, she's a big time Sailor Senshi fan and his gallery is full of them along with his signature peril flavor: chloroform (thus the name "Sleepy").

Also, variants!

With that said, this is a glorious addition to the crusade since I've always wanted to work with Sleepy! And since the Senshis are... well... DiD fuel, I'm sure Arlen will come across another Senshi some time soon (Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Saturn ... be careful!). Thank you Sleepy! I love this so much! And definitely captured that pose so well!

Until Next Time!

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