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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Spider-Woman)

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Hello, hello! Well, it's that time! Arlen is hopping through the omniverse and taking names of damsels just to clear her reputation of being a "generic DiD OC". This time, she's got herself one of the all time classic Marvel DiD herself and V.V member, Jessica Drew, the first and the best Spider-Woman. Ms. Drew is sporting the wonderful 2020 'stealth' costume, of course. As usual, the artist responsible for this fantastic art style is none other than AleX00XelA himself! And as usual, along with this fantastically amazing style, he provided options and here they are below.

The "sketches", as expected, come with three options and commissioner has to pick one. I like all three, honestly, but with a light modification, the last one I picked was perfect for what I was going for. The pose is also referenced from TheRopeDude's photoshoot! When two fantastic artists collide by one commissioner's wish, these are the marvelous things that come out of it!

At any rate, Arlen's Crusade is far from over! We are just three deep in!

Until Next Time!

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