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Commission: Arlens & the Victorious Vixens

July is a good month ain't it? It's usually the time that I either spoil myself and/or people lend their talent to the cause. Regardless, this time, we have a #commission that I got done from Llythium-Art and as always, the result is amazing. Let's check this out, shall we?

So, what is this? Well, as one can see, this commission is a bit different than my usual in terms of format and purpose. It's more, or less, a banner. A picture where I can have my Victorious Vixens and my main 2 Arlens (Tsundere/Miqo'te) can have their limelight of action and #DiD.

MIqo'te's revenge, eh?

And, what? A'rlen can't have a turnabout result against her alternate self? Of course, the Arlen on a crusade isn't a fan. But, no. The Cutest WoL in the First and the Source ain't gonna start her own crusade, mind you. She has too many reflections to save from some Realm-destroying threat! But she does look good with that kind of pose and standing over other Damsels, right? Hmmm...

As usual, Llyth has no problem giving variants and I'll always love her for it! Lately, my commissions with her are bigger in scope and farther from the usual I comm other artists. Can't help it though. Llyth is one of the easiest artists I have ever worked with. I can trust her with huge projects and I really enjoy the process. I know she hates me half the time my commission notes drop on her screen (haha!). At any rate, please check out her gallery. she's got nothing but awesome stuff in there!

Until Next Time!

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