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Commission: Arlen's Crusade (Amanda Thornton)

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Well, let's start off the New Year's #commission shenanigans with another Arlen's Crusade! Who is this? Who #DiD Arlen capture this time around? WELL..... might be a bit of an unknown to many, but for any fans of the fantastic website called: "", well, the name Amanda Thornton might be familiar.

Special FBI Agent Amanda Thornton was one of the lead gals in the amazing DiD-Fic called "Mistaken Identity". Do take a gander! Specifically Chapter 13. This is how Amanda ends up in Arlen's lap. Arlen, a scavenger? Well, Amanda hasn't been 'claimed' so another one on Arlen's notch!

Thank you, NewPopRocks for the continued help with some of the major details! And, of course, my reunion with Mileshendon is always nice!

Until Next Time!

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