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Commission: Captive Terra Branford

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

#Terra_Branford can't just catch a break, can she? Well, as we know it, #Commisisons are going to keep going strong in this blog of mine so for those who are into the #DiD setting, come take a gander at SeductiveBunneh's wonderful artwork of the Esper in Distress. Let's check the artwork out!

I love this outfit of hers. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in 'new graphics'. Yoshitaka Amano designed this outfit and while it didn't make it to the game, sprite-wise, anyways, it sure made it to #Dissidia_NT!

This outfit for Terra became my favorite. It is the modern take of her sprite form and it looks good! Definitely a bit more revealing, that's for sure! Definitely great for some DiD situations.

And here's her other color, which, I grew fond of as well. She has another color, which I chose not to get commissioned this time around, but I have gotten it done before!


That's about it! I hope you all enjoyed this set! More Terra Branford on the way... both in distress and kicking some serious butt!

Until Next Time!

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