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Commission: Capturing the Ice Maiden

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Terra Branford finally gets a break and is inclined to bind someone else up... that someone is the Esper/Summon/Aeon/Eidolon Shiva. Using Bindga, seems like Shiva is going to be the #DiD in this picture! And yes, there is a story to this which I will write in the near future-ish.

Did I mention that MileShendon is responsible for this lovely art? Seriously MileShendon has become one of my favorite artists to #Commission some wonderful DiD! Truly! I love working with him and anyone who hasn't commissioned him yet SHOULD. Truly. Oh, fire elemental ropes does wonders on an Ice Maiden. Again, truly wonderful commission! Well, that's about it for me!

Until Next Time!

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