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Commission: Disgaea Distress and Rivalries

Disgaea is one of my favorite games of all time! Only natural that some of the characters resonated with me--both gals and guys. Clearly, some of the gals are just downright adorable like Etna, Seraphina, Atrina, and yes, even Flonne. To make wonderful and in-character #commissions, I decided to go with the ThunkStudio. This wonderful image above with Etna having her way with Seraphina just oozes of personality, eh?

The idea of Flonne capturing Atrina can go a few ways! After all, Atrina is Flonne's apprentice! Sooo....

At any rate, more of my older commissions to make it to my Masterless blog. I have a lot of #DiD related stuff as one can see and more coming!

Until Next Time!

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