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Commission: Elena_x_Lightning

The Final picture for the "13 Nights" #DiD #commission series! Can you imagine? The last picture! To end it off, Wildcard4774 and I went with another less loved FF gal, Elena from FFVII! Less loved, but definitely worth the attention! Elena of the Turks is the newest member of the Turks... and she's definitely going to get the experience she needs 'walking' in someone's shoes for the night!

Dafuqart is the one responsible for this glorious piece. Do check out his page for more awesome stuff (though he DiD mention he will be cutting back on NSFW pieces for a bit). At any rate, I'll probably do another post just to sum up all of the pieces from this commission series! Definitely been fun and worth it!

13 Nights is OVER (?)

Until Next Time!

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