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Commission: Elsa's Failed Journey

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Oh, man. Oh, man. Here we are with another #commission of one of my mains from the Victorious Vixens, Queen Elsa! And this lovely commission of her failed journey is loosely based on what if the Northuldra intervened Elsa before she went into the Dark Sea.

This is a bit more accurate with the ponytail, right? Oh, I know. She didn't have blue hairbands!

That's not Sven, by the way. Also, I'm thinking Honeymarren is responsible for this. I may not ship the two, but the thought of a decent looking enough gal domm'ing my Snow Queen! The more #DiD Elsa, the better!

The long hair was always nice on Elsa even if it's not my favorite!

It should be no surprise that the talent behind this is none other than OrangeBoybc. He almost hit Frozen 2's one year mark, but hey, I'm not at all disappointed; not by a long shot! This is just a gorgeous piece. Everything about it. Just look at the facial expression! The tautness of the ropes. The vibrant colors! Just great!

Annndd... I try not to post stuff like this here but I can't help with this one. Elsa's dress melting due to the duress is... rather enticing! I don't know. It's just, lovely. S'all I can really say about it. Jeez. I love working with that guy!

Until Next Time!

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