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Commission: Elsacest

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

#Elsacest is something that is kind of a thing--not as grand or as (in)famous as something like Elsanna, Helsa, or Elsax(INSERT whoever OC or non OC--that means Onyx too, mind you!). I think Elsacest fits more with the canon of Frozen/Frozen 2 because Elsa's arc is about 'loving yourself'. Elsacest is just that, ain't it?

For this #commission, I wanted to really delve into that. The fantastic idea of Elsacest combined with some bondage fun!

Different color take of her night-gown

The wonderful artist is, of course, none other than Mileshendon himself! An artist I have definitely commissioned more than once!

Added necklace necklace 07/06/20

I know, right? There are a ton of variants with this one! This is Elsa wearing her party dress--the one she was wearing during "Some Things Never Change". What can I say, Elsa just looks good in whatever she wears.

We also get a variant without a necklace, mind you.

EDIT: So as of right now at 07/06/20, I wanted to fix an itch that's been bothering me and I finally worked with Miles with fixing it. Yes, Elsa's necklace was missing and, as a purist, I really wanted to get on this wonderful pic. Well, we got it!

And if one was ever wondering what Elsa in her 'new Snow Queen' would look like with her traditional hairstyle, there ya go! It's all thanks to the wonderful artist who made this happen! Miles is a professional who always his customers in mind when it comes to commissions. Seriously, commission the guy! You won't regret it! This might be my first #Elsacest commission, but I have this feeling it ain't the last!

Until Next Time!

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