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Commission: Esper Terra vs Ultros

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Tentacles! A whole lot of it! And this time, the poor victim in this water-y peril is none other than Terra Branford--again.

The main gal of Final Fantasy VI ain't having the best time, is she? The weather is wonderful and the water is clear as day but she's not exactly in the best position to enjoy herself, is she? Yes, she's still sporting that ball-gag and the ropes are now glowing in FFVI's Ultima color--meaning that they needed a stronger rope to hold Terra in her transformed version.

A continuation of my ever-so growing project of Terra Branford's "DiDressphere", this time, instead of her other outfits, Terra Branford finds herself in a truly scary #DiD moment while in her Esper form! It looks like her super powerful form isn't strong enough to break through her bondage!

Snadiya is responsible for this fantastic #commission. Again, I've been getting into renders quite recently and I think Snadiya is going to be a main stay in my commissioning gallery.

I can't help but just add a comment in every single picture. She just looks utterly helpless while Ultros is just wanting to get his tentacles on her!

And Ultros just looks imposing as all heck! And I love that perverted but psychotic look in his eyes!

That angry look in her eyes and that taut gag! Man, Snadiya just DiD a whole lot to make this a fantastic artwork! I totally love it! Definitely will be working with her again--that's for sure! Having more renders in my gallery collection is going to add more variety and that's all for the good reasons! Well, enjoy!

Until Next Time!

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