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Commission: Frozen Skyrim & Hedrick-CS

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The #Frozen_Skyrim project is something I have had with me for a long time. While my writing may have slowed down quite a lot (just editing earlier chapters now), I do still pay mind to give it life through #commissions. Hedrick-CS is one of the first artists that gave his crossover life through his talent. Here are my commissions from the talented artist.

I have to point out that Elsa's outfit is a Kachima's version. One that I used throughout some commissions. It fits well and it looks like a good contrast against the Tamrielian attires but rest assured that Elsa wears a plethora of designs throughout her journey in Skyrim. All in all, Hedrick did pretty well carrying Kachima's design on.

One of Hedrick's style is drawing chibis and I just HAD to get Onyx and Elsa in chibi form. I think it's rather amazing, truthfully. Adorable and yet so full of details! I love it!

And, yes, Hans Westergard is also fully armored and equipped with enchanted weapons. Right beside him is the mysterious Dremora, Ahna (yes, very similar to Anna). I never got to commission the Prince of the Southern Isles again but I do want to. He is a pivotal part of Frozen Skyrim so I plan on getting one done again. Eventually.

Clearly these aren't the only Frozen Skyrim commissions I have. There are more and I will continue to post old commissions as the day goes on. Hope you all enjoyed these blast from the past!

Until Next Time!

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