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Commission: Kaitlin's Front Page (Retake 1)

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

With Saban's success of the MMPR, they wanted to see if they can capitalize on it with other morphing karate fighting young adults and VR Troopers came. Obviously, VR Troopers was nowhere near as popular as MMPR. But what it DiD give us is a fan service female lead who happened to find herself in a bit of a bind. Damn shame it was missing a few things so I took the liberty of commissioning this scene with a 'remedy'.

The original artist was supposed to be Batobabas. However, for reasons, he didn't/couldn't finish it. This was the first 'abandoned' commissioned art I have experienced in all my years commissioning so it was a bummer. However, I DiD reach out to a certain artist whom I trust and am more than familiar with!

Kachima is a long standing artist in My Commission gallery. Just check out that part of my page and see what I mean. Suffice to say, I love how this turned out! As it was, there were some things missing in that particular episode, and I took the liberty to work on that by collaborating with the artist I have mentioned above. Hope you all enjoy!

Until Next Time!

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