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Commission: Kaitlin's Front Page (Retake 1)

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

With Saban's success of the MMPR, they wanted to see if they can capitalize on it with other morphing karate-fighting young adults and VR Troopers came. Obviously, VR Troopers was nowhere near as popular as MMPR. But what it DiD give us is a fan service female lead who happened to find herself in a bit of a bind. Damn shame it was missing a few things so I took the liberty of commissioning this scene with a 'remedy'.

The original artist was supposed to be Batobabas. However, for reasons, he didn't/couldn't finish it. This was the first 'abandoned' commissioned art I have experienced in all my years of commissioning so it was a bummer. However, I DiD reach out to a certain artist whom I trust and am more than familiar with!

Kachima is a long-standing artist in My Commission Gallery. Just check out that part of my page and see what I mean. Suffice it to say, I love how this turned out! As it was, there were some things missing in that particular episode, and I took the liberty to work on that by collaborating with the artist I mentioned above. Hope you all enjoy it!

Until Next Time!

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