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Commission: Maiden in Bonds

I adore the Maiden in Black! She was the original "level up lady" and/or Souls Waifu! As one should be familiar by now, if I have an adoration for a certain gal, she'll have the (un)fortunate moment of duress through my means of collaborating with a talented artist. AleX00XelA took this #commission and the result is more than breathtaking!

Alex's unique perk of showcasing three sketches/linearts to his clients is always a welcome treat. In the past, I settled with one but this time around, I couldn't help but get two out of the three. The different angle really gives a new point of view of the Maiden's distress. Also, for those who aren't a big fan of the Maiden wandering around, that's one way to keep her in one place.

While this one didn't exactly grab me as easily as the other two (clearly, since I didn't pay for it to be a full picture), it's still a neat thing to see. I was more or less going for the hands in front/pole tied look so this one will just be a void of awesomeness. Let's see what else Alex can give for the coming days in my commissioning shenanigans!

Until Next Time!

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