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Commission: Maleficent's Prisoner

Truth to be told, it's been kind of crazy with timing between artists. I have had a wave of #commissions finish and so I have been flooding things with wonderful artwork. This lovely image of Elsa's captivity under Maleficent's capable hands is done by none other than the wonderful work of ThunkStudio. It's more or less a continuation of the #commission from Kidetic.

And here's a variant with regular ropes. I have to thank ThunkStudio for his patience with me through this commission! I completely love this. Oh and as for the story? There is one. But as of right now, I think Maleficent wants to make sure that her second movie passes a billion dollars and we know what juggernaut is in the way that involves Princesses and magic.

Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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