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Commission: My OCs w/ Kachima

Updated: May 16, 2023

Kachima is a talented artist. A humble and gentle soul whom I first had the pleasure of working with some odd years ago. Truth to be told, he is also the FIRST artist I have ever #commissioned and wow, that was a milestone in my (now) hobby that seems to never end. I adore those times working with him and I still adore every art I got from him. While most of my work with him involved a lot of #DiD and #Frozen_Skyrim, it's hard to swallow the notion that it was all about original characters back then and most of them remained behind 'private walls'. Well, now that I am updating my Masterless.Me blog to include all of my past commissions, it's time to put these OC #Commissions out and it's all thanks to Kachima for starting it all. So, let's go through them!

It ALL started with this picture. This picture was my first commission. Completely new to the game, I didn't exactly know how to direct, nor DiD I have much experience with combining references to make them unique to the picture I was trying to create. While it still stand to reason that there are just some pics that are awesome to be recreated in the image of characters I want, this particular one is an almost carbon copy of the ever so sensual Sunstone. Based on an old shipping between my OC, Arlen and Tanya, this was ... special at the time.

The next commission involving Arlen and Tanya is, again, an inexperienced one. I didn't have the experience to really make it unique from original source material/reference. All the credit to Aidenke and SanePerson for the image (Too Cute to Resist) I used for Arlen and Tanya's fun. Again, not one of the best commissions in my gallery -BUT- it still has a footprint in my commissioning endeavor.

Now with this commission, I started learning how to combine different references to make a picture, use background, and also, I got braver and added a third character; my other long time OC, Yujin. Now it is noteworthy to mention that I've had other experiences with other NON-OC commissions with Kachima at this point (and other artists). Truly, this is where the turning point of my commissioning hobby starts to show with how much directing I DiD to steer Kachima in the right direction to produce the final product. I rather like it!

Of course, I had to do a duo pic of my long-standing OCs: Yujin Kurayami and Arlen Sirushi. Over the years their names and their looks have changed but the overall spirit/vibe has stayed the same. I love these two!

Then, of course, when these two were a thing, I had to get another Sunstone-inspired picture! And yes, even if Arlen Sirushi and Tanya Willows aren't a couple these days, they had a great time with their adventures! And yes, plenty of #DiD that happened... mostly on Tanya!

And me saying all of that, here's a Halloween picture of the two wearing their costume: Arlen as Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew and Tanya as Black Widow. Yes, Arlen finds herself in a very (in)Famous Chair Scene!

And while most of the #commissions above show consensual teasing bondage funn, there were some stories that involved the two in some serious DiD scenario. The commission above is a good example of that!

This particular picture is actually one of the cover art within my Patreon. I may not publish it freely but it has been used more than once. A frogtied cutie, a pompous captor, and a suitcase? Hmmmmm.

Kachima DiD a lot for me in the commission department. There are more than enough times that I miss working with him but I know he got busy and the direction that we both took may not collide anymore. With that said, this is the first time I actually put out good HD-Res of these pics publicly. It's about darn time though. Also, the Arlen-Tanya-Yujin stories exists in my Patreon account called "The Suitcase". It's one of the few DiD_Fics that is behind a paywall and it's .... pretty sexy at times. Bit outdated with the writing style but it has good moments for sure. Check it out if you all want to know a little bit more about these OCs of mine. Well, that's about it!

Until Next Time!

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