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Commission: Onyx, Ebony Dovahkiin

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Side Note: I don't normally say much about the thumbnail but I want to point out that the render is from Jowain92. It's awesome.

#Commission time! This time, it's from the amazing Llythium-Art! A fantastic artist that definitely made a mark on my page this year! This time around, it's a "Commission Sketch Page" artwork of my OC Dovahkiin, Onyx.

I need not to talk about how much I love this kind of commission style! It's so unique and so full of fun!

I like how you can suggest/request a few things with each segment of the commission. It's almost a few commissions in one--of course, the other pics are just sketches with some slight color here and there, but who is complaining! Look at that handsome mug! So angry! So ready to tear someone apart limb from limb! Onyx hasn't gotten another love as of late and I'm glad I'm giving him the attention I need to give him (and #Frozen_Skyrim).

A peaceful moment! This wonderful design is from a good friend of mine, Evil-is-Relative!

Of course, it's Onyx standing looking ready to kill some baddies!

I would definitely love to work with Llyth again. I would like to really get another #DiD related work from her because she does so well in that theme as much as she does with detailed OC work! Seriously! Check out the artist's gallery!

EDIT: Llyth noticed a detail that even I missed. Wow. Tips to any aspiring commissioning artists, if you notice detail about someone's OC that they didn't, it makes you freaking beyond awesome. Thanks, Llyth!

Notice the difference?

Until Next Time!

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