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Commission: Onyx & Elsa

What's this? A #Frozen_Skyrim #commission? This time done by none other than the talented Llythium-Art, no less! Oh man, let's get into this, shall we? I'm very excited for this one!

I've had Onyx and Elsa commissioned in a way where they are standing looking confident and ready to do battle. This one is definitely special because it's Elsa in her "AU-Canonical-Skyrim-Outift"; basically it's the outfit she will be wearing a lot through her trek in Tamriel (until she has to do fancy things). I always expected this to be good; Llyth has a style that connects with me instantly and seriously, how can I not love this.

The sketches, however, usually hit me in a way that really makes me appreciate every bit of penny I give to her. Seriously, these are just amazing. Let's get into them.

Is she singing the Dragonborn song? Or Ragnar the Red?

To be clear, I'm sure Onyx loves Elsa's voice. It's probably the song she was singing. Honestly, this is perfection. Exactly how i pictured it and Llyth translated my thoughts into tangible, drawn artwork!

"Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"

I told Llyth that I wanted the 'kiss moment' to look "uncertain", and not as 'lovey-dovey' as most kiss ship pictures I have seen of Elsa. She nailed it. The look in their eyes, the expression, just golden!

"It's enough, to make a Queen and a Vagabond... believe the very best."

When does Elsa and Onyx find time to relax with all the ruckus happening in Skyrim during Elsa's (forced) visit? Not sure but they look rather peaceful, don't they?

And what's a commission from Llyth without a #DiD moment? Looks like Onyx is about to take her gag off but is just teasing her. I love Elsa and Onyx's expression! Is he gonna take it off? Probably payback for annoying him with whatever she was singing back there, right?

All in all, this is a fantastic commission! I kept looking at this comm throughout the day and just admired the work that Llyth put into them. The sketches are lovely, full of character, and honestly, just a fun piece. It also helps that Llyth is a fun person to chat with. Seriously, y'all need to check her out. I'm going to have more pieces with her in the future, for sure!

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