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Commission: PJ Elsa in Distress

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Let me just state that this isn't Elsa's ACTUAL outfit from Wreck-it-Ralph 2 when all the Princesses and Queen were wearing loungewear... but it is inspired. Also, she's been DiD'ed! This lovely #Commission is from an artist I stumbled upon quite recently by the name of CaptureMyGirls. This is a good gateway for anyone to check out his gallery and his wonderful artwork. There are #DiDs and GiDs there (for those into GiDs) and his style is pretty amazing. Elsa probably thinks otherwise, but how cares. She's got something to keep her occupied.

Got a little bonus as well! CaptureMyGirls is the first to offer this as part of his commissioning. It's pretty neat and I like it! Seriously, go check out his work!

Until Next Time!

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