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Commission: Queen & Lebreau

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Seems like February is just the trend for #commissions. Just a recap, when it comes to commissioning, I don't necessarily have a time frame when I commission something. Artists all work with different timeframe and depending on the complexity or what slot I am in when I hire the artist also plays a huge factor so getting two commission sets done within a week is completely a coincidence. Not a bad thing at all though since I can share these two lovely commissions. These are both pretty obscure characters from the Final Fantasy realm. The lovely gal from above with the school girl outfit is part of Final Fantasy Type-0--the swords(wo)man named Queen. I have dabbled with Type-0 characters before and thanks to that Commission/Gift from LAST YEAR, I found myself interested with the sexy looks of some of the female characters from that Final Fantasy world. I didn't get to know all their personalities, but judging from Queen's looks, weapon, and demeanor that I saw through cut scenes, she seems like a stern and serious leader type--could be wrong though. BUT, yeah, Queen looks good in her #DiD position, doesn't she? The gal on the left is Lebreau, a NPC from FFXIII. When I first saw images of her way back when, I thought she would be playable. In some sense, she was, but not really. Such a shame! But she gained a small following and I happen to be one of them. Had to get her some attention with a little bit of DiD, of course. The result is that lovely image. These two lovely artwork are done by none other than the talented AkinaSilver herself. Always a treat working with her! She's gotten so busy with her commission business, it seems!

With all that said, these two images are helped made into a 'tangible' reality with our eyes thanks to another growing commissioner, FourPieces. It's my gift to him for all his efforts. Well, that's about it for now.

Until Next Time!

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