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Commission: Quistis Trepe & Iris Amicitia

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

With #Dissidia_NT still heavy in my mind, the idea of having crossover events that lead to certain scenarios for some of our lovely FF gals does come more frequently. With all that said, here's a very unorthodox duo who found themselves in one of the worse case scenario: Quests Trepe from FFVIII and Iris Amicitia from FFXV. Both lovely and ready for the picking... whatever picking that may be. So obviously this lovely #commission is from none other than the talented Shonemitsu. The artist responsible for a few of my Onyx commissions and that lovely Scarlet Witch from AoU commission. I swear I love his cartoony style that really exaggerates certain things. Oh, this is a gift for FourPieces, my commissioning partner. He helped me create this commission through references, ideas, and just picking these two lovely characters. Thanks again! Well, that's it for now. Obviously more DiD commissions are on their way!

Until Next Time~

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