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Commission: Rikku KH DiDressphere

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I can't believe that this is the FINAL piece to my Rikku DiDressphere project that has been going on since June of 2016. It has been a fantastic journey and I have met some great artists. TheBoundArtist (formerly known as CaptureMyGirls) DiD something amazing with this piece. I initially asked for just a simple sketch with some highlights.... what the artist DiD for me is make a complete fully colored artwork to add in to my DiDressphere hall of fame. That was amazing for him. I may not like Rikku's KH outfit as much, but I do like it because it's Rikku and I love the generosity the artist gave. Thanks again, TheBoundArtist! Do check out his site for more awesome stuff! I know I love what he has! I continue to go back to him!

Until Next Time!

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