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Commission: Rydia_x_Lightning

Llythium-Art joins the fray for the "13 Nights" series! This time around, Lightning is accompanied by the beautiful Summoner, Rydia from FFIV. I've had a thing for Rydia because green haired gals always catches my attention. Needless to say, Lightning wearing the Summoner's outfit is something to enjoy. Wildcard4774 #DiD it again, for sure. No small part thanks to Llythium!

There's a small variant that I couldn't leave out so there ya go. Also, I do love that Llyth paid attention to the height difference! It sure does look.... comfortable! Well, here we are then! Here to watch as the two enjoy their time together!

"13 Nights" has 2 more to go after this! Coming close to the end!

Until Next Time!

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