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Commission: Samus Aran

One of the things I do on my DA page is run "DiD-Polls". I try to include my fellow watchers and fellow DiD lovers to some of my #commissioning hobby so throwing DiD-Polls usually has some pretty neat result. At one point Samus Aran was part of those (un)lucky gals and she... erm... won? At any rate, GREAT-DUDE was responsible for making this #DiD commission come to life and it's terribly awesome!

Of course, GD does not fail when it comes to adding variant colors. The bright colored Samus above is her 'original' color. Hilarious how much Samus changed over the years.

And, of course, we have to have a mute colored version of her. All bundled up and cozy! I definitely think she's (not) enjoying herself!

Until Next Time!

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