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Commission: Selphie's Transfer Debacle

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

As far as hyperactive and overly-jovial archetype character, #Rikku is my gal. These character types spreads across all kinds of mediums, but none more prominent and more obviously a reused concept than in Final Fantasy. From Rydia, to Relm, Yuffie... and then Selphie (Rikku, of course came in FFX/X2. followed by Penelo, Vanille, and Iris). I'm not the biggest Selphie fan, but I have to admit, retreading through the green mile of Final Fantasy VIII through the 'remake', it's hard not to adore Selphie at some moments. Also, I can forgive her hair when she's wearing her Balamb Garden uniform. This #commission is the work of none other than the amazing StudioKatsumi. Oh, expect one or two lovely damsels from the FFVIII story (Ahem, Quistis). So with that said, that's all for now!

Until Next Time!

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