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Commission: Spider-Woman (Kachima's Art)

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Kachima and I have worked a ton of times and a lot of those aforementioned time had Spider-Woman all over it! My first Spider-Woman #commission ever was through Kachima and since he drew her so well, I decided to commissioner her a few more times. Now, the one above was a Patreon contest 'art' that I decided to adopt. The fact that she's all webbed up... well, I think Silk has something to do with that!

I believe that the art above has something to do with Kachima's Patreon as well. She's getting free?! What?! Quick, someone retie her! Spider-Woman is also synonymous with #DiD and bondage! She can't look so pompous and confident while gettiing out of rope!

Okay, being sexy like that deserves a moment or two outside of bondage! And yet another Patreon based art adoption, I believe. Honestly, I don't mind it. It's actually quite delicious. Every once in a while, Ms. Drew deserves a time outside of the ropes. I like how her lingerie is a homage to her costume though! Nicely done, Kachima!

Until Next Time!

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